Preventative Maintenance

If you want to avoid problems down the road while protecting your investment in your facility and systems, then you should consider how preventative maintenance could help your business. Preventative maintenance is the regular and routine monitoring and upkeep of your equipment and location that ensures that everything remains in working order. It includes important maintenance tasks such as ductwork cleaning, parking lot striping, commercial pest control, parking lot paving, sprinkler system inspection, HVAC system maintenance, roof repairs, and more. 

The careful planning and regular scheduling of maintenance on equipment and building systems can prevent major problems from occurring, can alert you to potential issues that may lie ahead, and protects your bottom line by keeping everything working longer and more efficiently.

What Our Preventative Maintenance Services Cover

Our preventative maintenance services involve the systematic inspection of your building’s equipment as well as actions to correct, clean, and maintain parts and systems to prevent failure. This could involve a wide range of services that include inspection, cleaning, adjustment, repairing, replacing, or overhauling equipment or systems. 

Our preventative maintenance services cover:

  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Roof inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Electrical and low-voltage systems in industrial settings
  • Fire suppression system inspection and testing, including sprinkler system inspection
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Parking lot maintenance, including paving, striping, and asphalt repairs
  • Commercial Pest control
  • Infectious Control Risk Assessment Compliance, including replacing air filters, floor mops, and sticky mats
  • ADA compliance inspection and updates, as needed
  • HVAC system maintenance

What type of preventative maintenance your business needs will depend on the type of equipment and systems you have as well as your building structure. We will consult with you to learn your needs and make recommendations based on industry standards to determine what types of services you may need and on what schedule these should be offered. 

Our preventative maintenance services help you keep accurate records for building and equipment, which can help you monitor the lifespan of your assets. Keeping good records helps you prevent unexpected downtime or shutdowns or expensive emergency services. When you invest in preventative maintenance, though, you enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Prolonging the life of your company’s equipment
  • Extending the life of your building’s vital systems
  • Lower costs for unnecessary inspections and services
  • Fewer interruptions to your operations
  • Reduced risk of significant problems
  • Lower repair bills 

An effective preventative maintenance program will ultimately save you time, money, and headaches. It’s a smart investment for your business. 

Our Commitment To You

At Yeomans General Contractors, our team is committed to you and your business, whatever you might need. We love helping our clients take care of their facility and systems so that unexpected problems and delays don’t occur. We know your customers, staff, and assets are essential to you, and we want to help you protect those. 

Over the past five decades, our team has built an unparalleled reputation for its dedication to excellence and total quality in all we do, and there is no job too big or small for our team to tackle. From banking to medical, from public to private institutions, our services cover industrial and commercial clients from all types of businesses and institutions.

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Let’s Get Started!

Contact us today today to learn more about our preventative maintenance services and how they can help you. We tailor each contract and maintenance plan to the unique needs of each client, and our team of experts is waiting to help you design a maintenance plan that is right for your needs. Call us today so that we can get started.